A free puzzle game in which you have to destroy balls to gain points and progress through as much levels as you can.

1 2 3 4 5 6 esviji score: level: lives: esviji score: 0 9 level: 1 lives: 9 These are the balls you have to destroy to finish the turn. This is the ball you can move up or down and then release to destroy the others. You can use your mouse, finger or keyboard to move the ball. The ball then goes to the left until it hits something: ball, rock or wall. You have to hit same balls to destroy them. Hit more balls to gain more points. The ball morphes into the next ball it hits, becoming the new playable ball. Balls that now have holes under them fall. Score is increased with (# hit balls)^3 Pause Resume Restart Sound is: Vibration is: Exit Game Over High scores Play again Exit High scores Difficulty: - - - - - - - - - - Exit Settings Sound is: Vibration is: Install Exit Difficulty Beginner Easy Hard Crazy Exit esviji © 1992-2014 Nicolas Hoizey 1.15.3